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Garden Pathway — Pavers in South Orange County, CA
Increase your property value and add a strong, beautiful look to your home or business with our pavers. We will work with you to decide the best design and type of paver to fit your needs. Pavers are easy to work with, have little to no maintenance and are much easier to repair than concrete or flagstone!


The outside of your home so match the style and design of the indoor decor. Allow Terra Landscape to work with you to create a gorgeous entry to your home. Including a paver driveway to your home means you are increasing your curb appeal and eliminating any stress of having to repair cracked concrete.


The walkway to your property is the first thing each person will see and should be a proper representation of you and your style. Let Terra Landscape work with you to design and install the walkway you have been dreaming of!

Outdoor Elements

Your yard should be an extension of your property, somewhere to relax or enjoy company. Make sure it is comfortable and efficient with hardscape, outdoor elements! See our page on outdoor elements to see everything we have to offer!


Whether you are at home, looking for a place to relax outside while escaping the sun, or you are looking or a quiet place to sit at work, Our patio pavers are the perfect solution for you. We can create brilliant designs based on your specific needs so that your patio is not just something to walk on, but something to enjoy!

Pool Decks

Now that you have your pool installed, make sure you add the final touches! Let us create an elegant pathway around the pool from your home so that heading out to the pool is a fun event, rather than an ordeal. Pavers are beautiful, easy to clean, and built to last, plus if damage does ever occur it can be as simple as switching out a paver, rather than having to dig out and entire slab of concrete.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used for much more than just a fashion statement, they will help protect the landscape you have spent time and money on designing having installed. Keep water and earth out while still maintaining a stylish design with a retaining wall.
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