Artificial Turf in All of South Orange County, CA

Terra Landscape is a local company, this means we understand the hardship of keeping your home or business landscape looking fresh and green in dry California. Artificial turf will ensure you yard looks beautiful all year round without using your restricted amount of water. With Terra Landscape, you will get precise installation of synthetic grass in any area of your property, such as the front and back yard, patios, walk ways, parks, pools and more!

Pet Turf

Synthetic grass is the ideal area for your beloved pets. Artificial turf is an ideal play area for your pet! With artificial turf you do not have to worry about yellow spots in your yard, no holes dug out or muddy areas, and it is easy clean up with zero maintenance.

Golf Greens

Some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts you synthetic grass for their golf greens. Synthetic grass is used by golfers more and more frequently because of its durability and low maintenance while still giving the look of actual grass. The finished product is so similar to natural grass you will notice the stroke you give on synthetic grass is no different than that of real grass!


When it comes a perfect solution for playgrounds that is safe and economical, synthetic grass is the way to go. With synthetic grass (artificial turf) you can ensure a soft surface for playgrounds that will not get muddy, worn down, or require year-round maintenance to keep looking beautiful. Artificial turf products are specially made to offer a safe surface for playgrounds, backyards and outdoor sport's fields and courts. Terra Landscape works with school administrators and homeowners to provide the total solution for their needs.
We proudly work with commercial and residential clients, call us today to discuss your options!